Creative Project and Design Management


Creative Project and Design Management Consultancy

We reimagine how design activates your business in a responsible way.

Inspired by these principles, our design management consultancy:

Empowers your business with creative thinking
Embeds future proof design solutions in all phases of your project
Creates an energetic link between you and your design team
Brings empathy into the design process
Pivots projects towards sustainability by designing with the future in mind

Good question.

How will I find my vision, sharpen it, then stick to it until my project is completed? 
We step in as creative facilitator and act as glue between designer, investor, and client. 

How can I ensure my project progresses as meant?
We kickstart design development from the beginning with you, or course-correct your stalled project with new clarity and direction. 

What’s the angle that I haven’t thought of yet? 
Leave it to us — we will come up with that idea (and probably a few more, too).

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ci penso def.: [Italian]  
“I carefully consider.” (thoughtfulness behind doing)
“I’ll take care of this.” (responsibility behind thinking)


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