Creative Project and Design Management

Our Services

At Cipenso., we customize our approach to focus on clients’ and design teams’ unique needs. All our services envision and craft quality for the future.

  • Design management services throughout the project phases
  • Project Management with creative touch
  • Design vision formation/discussion/proposition
  • Concept design
  • Reshaping
  • Design theme development and research
  • High-level strategic thinking for design
  • Vision pitching
  • Design workshops/panels during project development
  • Designer selection in line with the vision (matchmakers)

We also help you utilize principles of design thinking to achieve:

  • a client vision shaped by clear motivation 
  • a brief that articulates a creative aspiration
  • a shared positive goal between the client and the design team
  • an engaging, empowering, and efficient design and project process 
  • a final design which takes future cities, buildings, citizens and final users into consideration

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