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About Irene Ciampi

Principal and Founder of Cipenso.

Creative thinker. Project manager. Design mover. 

I am an unusually creative, curious and driven professional with 17 years’ experience in project and design management. 

A born creative interrogator, I dare to ask the difficult questions. I help investors, owners (public and private), brands to cut through the noise to get to the core of who they are, then express it authentically in every detail of their project. Clients often bring me into stalled processes to provoke fresh, unexpected, and disruptive insights.

Design thinking is the foundation of everything I do.

Over the years, I’ve developed a unique hands-on approach to connecting the worlds of creativity and business. My customized approach embedding design strategies to project management bring clients closer to creative thinking and challenge them to consider the future impact of their projects/products outside the dizzying cycle of deadlines and bottom lines.

About Cipenso. design thinking 

Our mission is to reimagine the role of design to activate better opportunities (investments, spaces, cities, and ultimately people’s experiences). By giving design processes more responsibility, we find new messages, more conscious ways of approaching projects, a renewed attention to quality, and a proactive role to shape a better result.

These are our core values.

  • Design phases are the start of any adding value project, where everything is still possible, discussable, assessable and giving opportunity to think outside the box. 
  • Design processes go hand in hand with empathy between Clients and Designers, which is key for building meaningful products. 
  • Through design, clients and designers have the opportunity to commit, engage, and collaborate towards meaningful results.
  • Design thinking is the best tool to ensure that all projects (products, built assets, and cities) will be future-proof.
  • Good design doesn’t need explanation because it communicates itself and its objectives clearly. Resulting in being recognisable, attractive, value adding.
  • Design is the best vehicle for ideas and solutions that transcend a specific need and requirement.
  • Design is the starting point for change at any scale. It has the ability to bring transformation that stands out compared to others, respects unbuilt areas, and reinvents obsolete built assets.
  • Design is a medium that expresses quality and vision, enabling a project to be both on-trend and timeless, a rich multifaceted experience and budget-conscious.

Our hands-on approach is based on these principles.

  • stimulating design thinking from day 1
  • using thoughtful creative processes to find long-term vision
  • thinking together
  • listening and researching
  • proactive collaboration among stakeholders
  • ” if you loose the power to laugh, you loose the power to think”

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