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At Cipenso., we customize our approach to focus on clients’ and design teams’ unique needs. All our services envision and craft quality for the future.

We love to support our Clients with various professional services around design and project management:

  • Project Management services with creative touch
  • Cost Management services and value engineering propositions
  • Design management services throughout the project phases
  • Sounded risk management with critical eye on the final project objectives (why)
  • High-Level contracts reviews (professionals and contractors)
  • Stakeholders management
  • Advising Clients on strategic propositions for their projects, including ROI initiatives
  • Design vision formation/discussion/proposition/pitching
  • Critical reviews of design and specifications at any stage
  • Identification of stalled processes, reasons for it and ways out
  • Strategic thinking along design and project progress
  • Designer selection in line with the vision (matchmakers)
  • We also help you utilize principles of design thinking to achieve:
    • a client vision shaped by clear motivation; 
    • a brief that articulates a creative aspiration;
    • a shared positive goal between the client and the design team;
    • an engaging, empowering, and efficient design and project process;
    • a project which takes future cities, buildings, citizens and final users into consideration.

We have great knowledge about: 

  • Technical Due Diligence and property surveys
  • Technical investment risk analysis
  • Design
  • Remedial actions and risk mitigation plans
  • Functional and creative briefs
  • Stimulating discussion around unconventional project and management directions, always hands-on final result.

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